Yahoo mail user when forgot or lost their password you can easily recover /reset using security question,But in case if you forgot your security questions which can help you to recover your Yahoo password, then it is the point of concern. There is no need to get worried as you forgot your Yahoo password as there are certainly some ways through which you can easily regain access to your yahoo account.

In case you forgot your Yahoo mail password and security question, you may get worried as you have lost the simplest way of recovering your Yahoo password.

Recover Yahoo Password Even If Forgot Security Question

In case you forgot Yahoo password and security question answers then there are only two options left to recover your account: First is the use of an alternate email address for your Yahoo email and the second one is your connected mobile number.

However, again if you haven’t added an alternate mobile number or email address to your account then you can still have access to your account with the help of a Password Recovery option, which will help you to recover all the username and password saved in your IE, Chrome, and Firefox browser.

  • To resolve this issue you can use Alternate Email Address/Mobile Number linked with your account to Recover It if You Forgot Security Question linked with the yahoo account.
  • In case you have associated a secondary email address or a mobile phone number with your account, then you can recover your password.
  • Simply tap on “I can’t access my account” on the login page.
  • Now choose “I have a problem with my password” and tap to proceed further.
  • After this go to “How do you want to reset your password?” option and choose the option which ever you want to use for recovery of your Yahoo password.
  • Get the code on the selected choice and get redirected to Yahoo page to enter a new password for your account.


    I hope above the steps if you forgot yahoo mail password and security question will help to recover your account still having issue you can directly contact at service desk or use Third Party Yahoo Mail Password Recovery Tools ( you can use- SmartKey All-in-one Password Recovery Bundle)

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