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How to fix the issue of Facebook not Sending Confirmation Code To Email?


If you have signed up for a new Facebook account or you want to make changes in the settings of an existing account, you will receive a confirmation link from Facebook. As this link is directly sent by Facebook to your email address, you can easily access it opening the email. In case, if you don’t receive the link, there might be some issue with Facebook or your email. So, before heading towards the fixes, you must know about the possible causes for the issue of Facebook confirmation code not received.

To complete the process of sign up for Facebook, you need to confirm your email address, which you have used while creating the Facebook account. For verification, Facebook sends a verification link to your email address. When you click this link, your email address is verified and confirmed.

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How To Confirm Facebook Email Address?

For the confirmation of the email address, all you need to do is to click on the link sent by Facebook on your email address. When you click it, you will be redirected to the Facebook page. This is how you can easily confirm your email address of Facebook. In case you didn’t receive the confirmation email on your email address, you can try out the steps mentioned below:

  • User error– There could be common internet errors or enter the email address incorrectly might be responsible for the issue. For this, Facebook will provide you with a form to fix the issue. Once you resubmit the details correctly, Facebook will send the link or code on the correct email address.
  • Mailbox filters– It might be possible your internet service provider has blocked the sender of the confirmation email, due to which you will be unable to receive it in your inbox. So, it becomes necessary for you to check all the folders including spam, junk, etc. in your email. In the case of Gmail account, you can check the Social folder also.

It might be possible that you are facing this issue due to poor internet connection, which is causing the delay in your confirmation email or code.

For any other queries related to Facebook not sending confirmation code to email, you can contact the technical support team. The technical experts available through community or forums will assist you with all kinds of issues as well as queries. To find the contact info, you can browse the contact section on Facebook’s official webpage.

How do I recover my Facebook Account Password if I can’t get the SMS code?

Would you like to recover the Facebook account? Fortunately, Facebook offers various ways through which you can recover your account. Conventionally, you can recover your account by affirming your identity through a code sent on your email or cell phone. Shockingly, sometimes, Facebook not sending SMS code to reset password issues is encountered by the users. Below are the few solutions you can take to recover your account.

Check in the event that you are logged in Elsewhere: At the point when you understand that you can’t sign in to your Facebook and it is highly unlikely for you to get a security code, the most fundamental advance for you to take ought to be to check on the off chance that you are signed in somewhere else like Android or IOS Facebook App, or even an alternate program on your PC.

Provide Facebook a New Email to Contact You: There can be a possibility that you are not signed in somewhere else and you don’t approach the telephone number or the email address with which you joined, Facebook allows you to recoup your account by permitting you to determine another telephone number or email address through which they can contact you.

Converse with Trusted Contacts: On the off chance that you had set up Trusted Contacts, there is additionally the choice of requesting that they help you to recoup your Facebook account. Notwithstanding, you should recall anyone complete name of your confidant in companions to uncover every one of them. You require at least three codes to recuperate your account.

Contact Facebook: If these endeavours don’t work, then you can contact the Facebook Support itself. Nonetheless, recollect that your Email address may not really be secure and you need to manage that before you begin sending your documents utilizing it.  You should wait patiently to obtain the solutions.

Finally, the user has got the answer to How do I recover my Facebook account if I can’t receive the security code in a secure manner. For additional help, you can contact Facebook customer support.

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