Online Assistance For Facebook News Feed Not Updating On iPhone

What are the solutions to fix Facebook news feed if not updating on the iPhone?

Does your news feed for Facebook are not updating on the iPhone? It is very frustrating for Facebook users to encounter the trouble of news feed unable to load. Many iPhone users have also reported this issue recently who are using the Facebook mobile app. Facebook feeds might not update due to the problem with the app as well as some small technical glitches of your iPhone can also cause it. Moreover, you can try a few easy methods for fixing the Facebook news feed not updating on iPhone, and the more precise details regarding the same areas discussed below.

How you can fix Facebook news feed is not updating on the iPhone?

At the time iPhone user confronts the trouble of Facebook news feed not loading they become very annoyed. Many of you don’t know that you can fix the Facebook news feed not loading error on your iPhone with the help of some easy tricks. All the people who are wondering about how to Fix Facebook news feed not loading on iPhone can discover the best resolutions from below.

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Restart Facebook App

  • At first, when you find out that the Facebook news feed is not loading on your iPhone, you must close the app
  • After waiting a while restart the Facebook app once again on your iPhone and then check whether news feed updating or not

Reboot iPhone Device

  • Next thing you have to do for fixing the Facebook news fee not loading error is that reboot your iPhone
  • It might work when the Facebook news feed was not loading due to small error in your device which gets fixed after reboot process

Check Internet Speed

  • Moreover you can check the internet speed you are getting on your iPhone internet as Facebook new feed need a proper speed
  • Once you found out that the speed of internet is slow than you need to fix it for resolving the Facebook news fee not updating error

Use Mobile Date

  • Next you can switch to mobile data when the Facebook news feed might not update on iPhone in a situation your WiFi is not providing the required speed

Update Facebook App

  • At last, you can look for the latest Facebook app updates on the iPhone when the news feed still no loading
  • Therefore open the applications settings on iPhone and move to update section
  • Then scroll down to the Facebook app and get the latest updates for it

Moreover, you can connect to the Facebook support for further assistance when the news feed is still not updating despite of applying resolutions from above.

Learn the methods to fix Facebook when it stops working on the iPhone after an update?

Is your Facebook app not working on iPhone after an update? Well, this is very common with the apps on a smart device that they sometimes don’t work at all or show some other kinds of issues after the user updates them. Facebook is popular among people, and the users might get quite disturbed when they encounter any error once they update the app on the iPhone. Therefore, a few numbers of simple methods that are quite helpful for the users to manage the error of Facebook not working after update on iPhone are as explained below.

Ways to fix Facebook when it doesn’t work on iPhone after an update?

Many times, users might panic when they confront the error with the Facebook app after updating on the iPhone. However, instead of getting worries, you can apply some techniques to get rid of the issue you are encountering. Moreover, the users who are not aware of how to fix Facebook not working after update on iPhone can know the solutions from below:

Ensure to get official Facebook App

  • At first, you have to ensure that you are using the official Facebook app on your iPhone
  • A few times, when the user is using a third-party app and then its tops working after update they might get confused that Facebook app is causing trouble
  • Therefore make sure that you are using the official  Facebook app on your iPhone

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Fix issues with internet

  • Many times your internet might cause the issue with the Facebook app after update, which is a very essential factor
  • Therefore you need to check internet which you are using on your iPhone whether it is working properly or not

Correct DNS Server Settings

  • Next, your Facebook app might not work on iPhone when the DNS settings are incorrect
  • Therefore, check on your iPhone that you are using good DNS servers as it will ensure the Facebook app to work fine

Check VPN Connection on iPhone

  • In case you are using a VPN on your iPhone and it is not providing good speed then also Facebook app might not work after update
  • Therefore, you can either make sure that the VPN connection is proving a good speed on your iPhone or just turn it off  to make Facebook work faster

Apart from that, it is suggested for you to connect with the Facebook live representative when it still doesn’t work on your iPhone despite of applying all the available solutions for it.

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