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Facebook Messenger not Working on iPhone? Try These Simple Methods to Fix It

Facebook messenger proffers amazing messaging features that users can avail on multiple devices and when users use it on iPhone, then it provides the secure and easy-to-use interface. But there are many circumstances come when users confront problems with their Facebook messenger when using it on their iPhone as it suddenly stops working or responding. There could be numerous causes behind the Facebook messenger not working iPhone issue and one can simply resolve it with the help of very simple troubleshooting. In this article, you will learn about the step by step process to resolve the not working issue of Facebook messenger on iPhone.

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How to Fix Facebook Messenger not Working iPhone?

If you want to fix this problem, then you can follow the below methods and resolve this issue very easily:

Method 1: Check Internet Connection

Make sure that your iPhone is properly connected to the internet and you have an active connection that is highly required to access the Facebook messenger on your iPhone. You can also try cellular data instead of using a Wi-Fi connection that may also help you to resolve this issue very easily.

Method 2: Update Facebook Messenger

Using an older version of Facebook Messenger often occurs plenty of problems and then you should update it in order to fix the Facebook Messenger not working on iPhone issue. You can very simply follow the below steps to update your messenger:

  • Open the App Store on your iPhone.
  • Tap on your profile pic which is available at the top right corner.
  • Now scroll down and then you will be able to see the apps with pending updates.
  • Look for Facebook Messenger and then tap on the Update tab.
  • Wait for fewer minutes until the app updates and then simply open it.

Method 3: Reset Settings

Resetting your iPhone’s settings to the factory default is another way to get rid of plenty of issues and you can also fix the not working issue of messenger after resetting the settings of the iPhone.

To reset the settings, go to the Settings of your iPhone and then tap on General. Now scroll down to the bottom side and then tap on Reset. Tap on Reset All Settings and then you will be required to enter the passcode of your iPhone. After entering the passcode, all the settings will be reset and your iPhone will restart.

Method 4: Update iPhone

If you are using the older OS of your iPhone, then you may be stuck into plenty of technical issues and then you can update your iPhone to the latest iOS version in order to fix the not working issue of Facebook messenger. You can update it through the below steps:

  • Go to the Settings of your iPhone.
  • Tap on the General section.
  • Tap on the Software Update option.
  • Now check if there is any latest update available and if any, then tap on the Download tab.
  • After downloading, tap on the Install tab and then wait for fewer minutes until it updates.

Method 5: Restart iPhone

Resetting your iPhone often fixes plenty of problems and you can also fix the not working issue of Facebook messenger with the help of a simple restart. For this, you can press the power button for fewer seconds and then swipe the option on the screen to the right side. Now you can check whether the problem is resolved or not.

With the help of the above-given steps, you will be able to know how to fix Facebook messenger not working iPhone issues in a very simple and instant manner. But if you are still getting the same issue or you required any other kind of assistance, then you can straightforwardly contact the customer support team.

Guide To Update Facebook Messenger App On An iPhone

Therefore, if you are an iPhone or iPad user, then read this post further as this will help you to Update Facebook Messenger on iPhone. In fact, it’ll also help you with other quick methods if you get stuck while updating your application in your device.

How To Update Facebook Messenger On iphone: Quick Methods

Method 1: Direct Update

  • Visit the App Store from the Home screen, then select the Updates tab at the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • Then, scroll to the Available Updates section and find the Messenger app with the same name (not “Facebook”). However, if you don’t find the Messenger app, then there’ll be no update available for the app.
  • Now, select the Update button while making sure that your device is connected to an active device as the update may be larger than expected.
  • Hereafter, launch the Messenger file once the update is finished & installed and then you can start using it. On the off chance, if you don’t find the Messenger icon on the Home screen, then you can search for it app search bar. 

Method 2: Reinstalling App

In the event, if you are unable to Update Facebook Messenger on iPhone with the aforementioned steps, then you may need to try uninstalling it and then reinstalling it. However, you won’t be losing any of your data is stored on your Facebook account.

  • In your iPhone device, move to the Home screen, then press and hold on any app icon until it starts wiggling, then tap on the “X” icon in the corner of your Messenger app.
  • Now, select the “Delete” option to confirm its uninstallation, then you’ll need to download the Messenger app again from the App Store and wait for its installation.

Therefore, you should be able to update your Messenger application into your iPhone or iPad devices. However, if you have any queries regarding the same, then get in touch with Facebook live person. In addition, the experts will surely guide you on How to update Facebook messenger on iphone without any hassle.

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