When security breach over Yahoo! mail accounts, it became a nightmare for Yahoo users. They were scared of losing their privacy, personal information and data. It became a huge concern for not only Yahoo users, but for other email users too.

The security is a concern, so Yahoo introduced another level of security with their account. Here, you have two new security features. First is Yahoo Account Key and another is Two-Step Verification; it gives you better security compare to your conventional password.

The Two-Step Verification is an additional level of security with your password. Once you activate it, then you can get in to your account after entering the password and then a security code from your mobile number. We have this guide for you to learn and enable the Two-Step Verification for your account.

How to Turn-on/Enable Two-Step Verification for your Yahoo account?

  • Start with signing in to your Yahoo! Mail account
  • Go to your Account security page there
  • Here, beside the Two-step verification option, you need to click on the Toggle button to turn it ON for all future sign-in attempts.
  • After that, you need to enter your mobile number here.
  • Now, click on Send SMS or Call me to get a verification code on your mobile number you have just mentioned.
  • Here, enter the verification code, and then click on the Verify button.
  • You just need to click on Create app passwords, if in case you access Yahoo Mail in third-party apps or click on Skip for now option.
  • You have successfully enabled the Two-Step Verification security for you Yahoo! mail account.
  • Once you have enabled successfully this security with your Yahoo! mail account, now this is the time to review it. Simply, try to sign in to your account; you will get a security code after entering the password in it. Once you enter the pin code, then you can get in, else you can’t get in.

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