Online Assistance For DS4 Windows Not Detecting Controller Bluetooth

How can you fix the DS4 Windows not detecting controller Bluetooth?

All of us love playing video games on PS4. And a lot of people usually like connecting their PS4 set up to their Led Screen. And for connecting the PS4 to LED screen we all use DS4 windows. DS4 windows are basically an interface that allows you to easily connect the Ps4 to your PC device or TV. With installation Of DS4 device, you can give your device a feel of Xbox and play games with more visual effects. However sometime ds4 faces issues in the device and affects the ps4 functioning. With the help of DS4 windows interface you can easily play games on window PC. But if you are facing issues in your PC with the latest version of windows 10 then you need to fix it soon. To find out how to fix DS4 windows not detecting controller then look for the reasons and try fixing it.

Reasons behind DS4 not detecting the controller

  1. The most common reason behind DS4 not being able to detect the controller is the version of windows you are using. Usually people with the windows 10 version are not able to fix it.
  2. Few times the faulty Ds4 devices are also a reason why they are not able to detect the controllers
  3. And sometimes ds4 windows only disable the controller.

Solution To fix the DS4 not being able to detect the windows

If you face issues with your DS4 controller then follow below given steps.

steps to fix the issue 

  1. If your DS4 controller stops working while you are playing game then it’s probably because of the connection issue. You can disable the ds4 by few quick troubleshooting steps and then again enable it.
  2. Sometimes the DS4 application has some error code hence you can uninstall it from the control panel and then install it. For removing it, click on the devices and printers followed by tapping on ds4 option and then click remove device.
  3. You can also install the ps4 remove play app for the windows app. Firstly download the ps4 remote play from the official website and open the device manager. And now click wireless controller driver and tap on uninstall. Once it ends connect the ds4 to the windows.
  4. To fix the issue, you can also uninstall the latest windows 10 update since this version affects the working of ds4 the most. For uninstallation process, firstly open windows settings and press win and I keys. Next go to the update and security option and click on the history of the updates. Now click on the windows installation and confirm the changes by tapping on uninstall.

And that’s all! With the help of above given steps, one can easily fix the issue of ds4 windows not detecting controller Bluetooth and you will be done! But if in case you are not able to do it or have any issue then you can call up on the helpline number. The customer care tea will try helping you out with their solutions.

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