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How To Fix COX Outgoing Email Server not Working?

Here are the complete details about the issue

There are multiple email services that receive email sent through a COX email. To send an email from COX, you need to have the proper configurations of outgoing server settings. Sometimes, the users face issues related to the COX outgoing server which results in the problem of COX email not sending emails. It could be due to any reason irrespective of the device and operating system used. The issue is very common and can be easily fixed with the proper configurations. If you are looking for a solution to fix this issue, proceed with this article.

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Causes of COX Outgoing Server not Working

The outgoing server of COX might not be working due to several reasons. In most of the cases, it is due to SMTP settings and secure connections. Here are some of the common reasons for COX outgoing mail server not working, as mentioned below:

  • Incorrect server name or port number
  • Incorrect username and password in outgoing server settings
  • Any other issue with the SMTP server
  • Firewall or antivirus causing interference
  • An issue with the service provider

How to fix the issue of COX outgoing email server?

If you want to know how to fix COX email not working, you need to make changes in the SMTP server settings of COX email. The settings recommended for the COX SMTP server are as follows:

IMAP server settings

Your name: It is the name saved on your COX account.

Email address: Your complete COX email address.

Username: The initial part of your email address.

Password: Your COX email account password.

Account type: IMAP

Incoming mail settings: 

  • Server name:
  • Port number: 993 and you need to enable SSL along with the authentication box checked.

Outgoing mail settings:

Server name:

Port number: 587 if TLS enabled, 465 if SSL is enabled and check the authentication box.



Enter the username and password for COX email

POP or POP3 server settings Incoming POP port:995

587 along with TLS enabled

465 when SSL is enabled and check the authentication box

If the issue is on the service provider’s end, you can wait until the issue is fixed. If you want to have more info about why COX email not sending emails, contact the customer support of COX. The support executives will assist you with all kinds of issues and queries related to COX services. The experts are available round the clock for our assistance and you can contact according to your suitable timings. They can be contacted over the call, email or through live chat and all the contact details to reach them are available on COX’s official website.

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