PayPal is a tool that manages your financial information when you shop or transfer money online, so you don’t have to give it to every website that requires you to pay money for something. While this increases your online security and privacy a bit, it still makes you vulnerable if your PayPal account itself isn’t well protected. If you need to give your PayPal account a stronger password — or at least a fresh one — here’s what to do.

To change your PayPal password Follow the instruction below:

So the first step on any password restore is to type into your Web browser’s address bar the PayPal URL. It’s, but I’m not going to make that clickable to emphasize the point. Type it in, don’t click links in email. Ever.

Now, once you’ve then logged in to your PayPal account — and I strongly recommend you set up 2-step verification for a second level of security too — click on the “Profile” link on the “My Account” navigational bar:

How To Change PayPal Password

Click on “Update Password”, as I’ve circled above.

PayPal will then ask which of your passwords you want to update:

How To Change PayPal Password

Definitely make sure you have security questions set up and know the answer (in case you do ever lose your password), but for this project choose “Password” and click “Edit”.

Hold on, though, it’s not quite that easy. Next PayPal wants you to confirm your identity:

How To Change PayPal Password

I’ve redacted key information for my own privacy, but you can see that if you don’t also know the full number of one of the credit or debit cards associated with your PayPal account, you won’t be able to proceed further (which also suggests that it’d be darn hard for a bad guy to change your password with all of these in place, fortunately).

Pick one that you’ll use to confirm, enter the full card number, and click “Submit”.

If you entered it correctly, the next screen you’ll see is:

How To Change PayPal Password

Enter your old password, then the new – complicated! – one twice. Then click “Save”.

How To Change PayPal Password

I Hope this is the complete guide will be helpful how to change paypal password might be useful for anyone
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