Online Assistance For Can’t Access My Yahoo Account Because I Changed My Number

How to recover Yahoo account if you have changed Phone Number

In the past few years, email services have become one of the necessities to maintain online presence. And this also a reason why many companies came up with their own personalized web-based email services which includes Yahoo Mail.

For those who are not aware, Yahoo Mail is a very popular email service launched by an American company named Yahoo. Currently, the Yahoo email service provides its customers with different email plans which one can opt as per their requirement and budget. Recently, the impeccable features of this service were recognized and were honoured with the title of third-largest email service in the world.

Further, to ensure that the users to make online activities easier, the developers introduced various services and features within the Yahoo Mail service. Moreover, the users were also provided with access to various Yahoo applications and services which one can easily access by using Yahoo account details.

Regardless, Yahoo Mail being one of the finest email services, there are chances that some users might encounter issues with their Yahoo account. Besides, one of the most common issues faced by Yahoo users includes Can’t access my Yahoo account because I changed my number. Luckily, one can easily resolve this issue in time by following some simple recovery steps.

Recovering Yahoo Account

Well, recovering Yahoo account is not a tricky task. All you need is to navigate to the recovery page and recover the account using the phone number linked to the Yahoo account. But, what happens if you change the recovery phone number linked to your account or if you no longer have access to that particular number? Well, in such cases, the user can seek assistance from Sign-in helper service introduced by Yahoo. And in case, if you are not aware of this service, here you will be provided with the detailed steps that you can follow.

Follow the simple steps to recover Yahoo account

For the users who no longer have access to recovery phone number, are required to navigate to sign-in helper page.

Then, the user is required to enter their username and click on continue option.

Now, in this particular case the user has no access to the recovery phone number, they can opt for recovery via email option.

After that, the user is required to provide a recovery email address and click Continue.

Further, the user will be provided with the password reset link on the recovery email provided by them.

Thereafter, the user is required to open that particular link and proceed with Recovering a Lost Yahoo Password process.

Then, the user can easily create a new password for their Yahoo account and click on the Save changes option.

Once the new password has been created, the user can easily access their Yahoo account without any issues.

And this way, one can easily access Yahoo account by simply recovering their Yahoo account password. However, if the user is unable to recover their Yahoo account they can contact the help centre directly for assistance.

How To Change Recovery Number For Yahoo Mail Account?

Yahoo Mail, as you might be aware, is a popular email service which allows performing their day to day email activities. Further, by using this email service, one can easily access various Yahoo mail services and products. However, with such amazing services offered by Yahoo Mail it becomes essential for the users to ensure the security of the particular account.

Well, for the Yahoo Mail users it is suggested to update their recovery information on a regular basis to avoid last-minute recovery issues with their Yahoo account. So, in order to help out the users with how to Add/Change Recovery Mail Number in Yahoo here are some simple steps that one can follow.

Steps to change Yahoo account recovery phone number on a computer:

For this process, the user is required to launch the Sign-in page of Yahoo.

After that, the user needs to navigate to the Account Settings section

Then, the user is required to select add phone number option.

Further, click on the edit option and easily change your recovery phone number for Yahoo account.

Once done, click on the Save button to complete the process.

Steps to change Yahoo account number on mobile:

For updating recovery phone number over mobile, the user is required to launch the app.

Now, the user needs to click on Account info option and select manage account section.

Further, the user is required to select update recovery information option and change the recovery phone number for their Yahoo account.

Hence, this was the simple procedure to change the recovery number for Yahoo account. However, if the user still faces any issue on How to change mobile number in Yahoo Mail without login, they can feel free to contact the support help.

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