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What are the methods involved in rectifying the error when Bellsouth Is not receiving emails?

One of the foremost telecommunication brands, BellSouth provides the webmail services through which you can receive or send emails. Still, there are some loopholes when you access the Bellsouth email sign-in process. So, if you are among those unlucky users who are facing the problem to receive the emails in your Bellsouth account, then you can try the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps to start receiving them again.

What are the causes behind the Bellsouth not Receiving Emails?

Before you start troubleshooting, let us first find out the causes behind the issue. Generally, the causes that trouble the users are:

  • Forwarding issue
  • Filter issue
  • Incorrect email address issue.
  • Blacklist of the sender’s email.

So, these are some of the root causes that lead the not receiving emails to receive the emails in the Bellsouth account.

How to fix the issue of the users Bellsouth not receiving the emails?

As the users’ BellSouth net is not receiving email, you can try these troubleshooting steps to fix the issue of not receiving the emails. The users can also get in touch with the customer care experts if they are unable to receive the email after trying the steps that we are mentioning below. They are knowledgeable and will provide you with the relevant steps.

  • The sender is typing the correct email address:

If you are not receiving the emails from a particular person, then you can ask that person to check the email address that s/he is typing. Mostly, some people wrongly type the email address and invite the problem.

  • Email filter setting should be checked:

The email filter helps in filtering the incoming emails. When a sender sends the email and filter is applied, it checks the email and then sends it to the deserving folder. So, there is a possibility that you have applied a filter of blocking the new emails and this might be the reason that you are unable to receive the emails.

  • Forwarding issue:

This is the most common reason that you might not be receiving the emails. Most of the accounts, people forward their emails in another account and don’t receive the emails. So, you can check your forwarding settings. You need to disable it if it is enabled.

You can access the BellSouth net IMAP settings to access your BellSouth settings. You can get the proper understanding by calling on the toll-free number of BellSouth support and getting assistance. The experts are polite and patient and will explain the solution in a proper manner. IMAP (Incoming) Mail Server Details –

Account Type – IMAP

User_Name – Enter Your Email Address ( )

Password – Enter The Account Password

Server-hostname –

Server_Port – 993

Required Authentication – Yes, Email account Username and Password

SSL/TLS – Yes SMTP (Outgoing) Mail Server Details –

Account Type – SMTP

User_Name – Email Address ( )

Password – Email Account Password

Server_hostname –

Server_Port – 465

Required Authentication – Yes, Email account Username and Password


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