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Let’s fix when AOL not working with Outlook Account

If you have configured on the Outlook email account, you can enjoy the best email service without facing any trouble. There are some of the users who generally face problems with the Outlook email account provide better email service to receive and send at a certain point of the time. It is common to face problems with the AOL while checking AOL emails on the Outlook email account.

Reasons Behind AOL Email Not Working in Outlook

You can find such error when you have made some changes in the settings of the Outlook email account, you need to check with the AOL email account and make it compatible to work fine your AOL email account perfect. It is the AOL mail settings for Outlook helps to enable the mail server to secure your account.

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Other Reason:

  1. Incoming Server detail incorrect
  2. Aol Email Syncing not working with Outlook
  3. Check for Aol Mail Password is Changed

1. Check Incoming Server Details –

If your Aol mail not working on Outlook so you need to check Imap or pop settings –

AOL Mail IMAP username – ( ) AOL Mail email address

AOL Mail IMAP password – ( JS*S*%%S25 ) AOL Mail password

AOL Mail IMAP port – 993

AOL Mail IMAP TLS/SSL required – Yes

2. Update Application

If any user unable to sync Aol emails on outlook account so you need to check for are you using older application on you devices? Then immediately update the application with latest version then check it.Update Application

3. Update Password

Incase user change the password for Aol mail account, then you have to update it on email client –

  1. Look for account setting segment for application
  2. Then select Aol mail account and update password now

How to Fix AOL Email not Working in Outlook

If you have disabled some of the important settings, you need to enable and change the settings accordingly. So let’s get to fix it by changing its settings instantly.

Following are the ways to fix AOL mail on Outlook email using its settings:

  • At first, launch an internet browser and go to the Outlook email account using its correct email address and password.
  • Go to the settings of the Outlook email account and then select the IMAP/POP mail forwarding option.
  • Select the IMAP and SMTP mail server and enter the correct email address to go to the setting.
  • Choose the file menu to open the file on the Windows 10 device and then go to the account of the AOL email account.
  • Select the rules and alerts to download the POP and SMTP mail serve by entering the email address finally.

If you don’t satisfied with the settings as the problem did not resolve so far, you should uninstall to again configure AOL email on Outlook. If you find something wrong, get a simple tutorial with us easily.

Following are the ways to configure AOL on Outlook email account:

  • At first, make sure that your Outlook account is on and then go to the settings to open a new email.
  • Select the manual option and then click on the POP mail server and enter port number 143 and press the enable button.
  • Now do the same process with the SMTP mail server and then enter the port number of 25 and press enable button.
  • Click on the SSL mail server and sync contacts, calendar, and email and enter the password.
  • After completing the task of AOL mail configuration click on the save change button and use your AOL email account on Outlook finally.

Thus, if you want help and advice for AOL not working with Outlook, it will be most important to identify the cause of the error and get an appropriate solution to get this issue fixed instantly.

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